General Information


Snow Removal Funding

  • Transportation snow removal operations are financed through our share of State allocations from gasoline sales taxes and vehicle registration fees. Over 2,800 miles of County roads must be maintained throughout the year with these rather limited funds.
  • Special Districts snow removal operations are funded through either a share of general property tax (if the CSA or Zone was formed prior to Proposition 13) and/or through a land-based charge or special tax. The amount of tax or charge is based upon the level of service provided ie. berm removal for snow service, new road paving, slurry seals, etc.
  • The revenue requirements are mandated by County Service Area Law (Government Code Section 25210 et seq.) and Proposition 218 (Article XIII C and D of the California Constitution).
  • Each County Service Area/Zone has its own budget .
  • Some County Service Areas and Zones have had the same charge in place since the 1980s or even earlier. Thus service levels have continued to decline as costs rise. If the tax or charge is not increased, Special Districts Department has no other alternative but to dissolve the district. This will result in a loss of snow removal services.