Snow Removal Reimbursement Program

About the Program

Removal of snow and berms on private property are typically the responsibility of property owners. However, due to the unprecedented snowfall that occurred beginning February 22, 2023 and subsequent state and local emergency declarations, unincorporated San Bernardino County residents and business owners are eligible to receive up to $500 in reimbursement for snow removal costs. Eligible costs include removal of snow from private property, including driveways and walkways, and private roads. This one-time reimbursement is limited to one applicant per address/property or business.

All snow removal work must be completed by May 1, 2023 and reimbursement claims must be submitted to the County by May 10, 2023.

Snow removal work that was performed prior to February 22, 2023 is not eligible for reimbursement. Additionally, this program is not available to vacant homes, unoccupied vacation rental properties, or unimproved parcels.

For questions, please call Storm Response Call Center 1(909)387-3911.

Snow Removal Vendors

A list of snow removal contractors is provided below for your convenience only.  This list is not all-inclusive and the County is not affiliated with nor does the County recommend any specific vendor.  You are not required to utilize one of the vendors listed below to receive reimbursement.

If you are a contractor and would request your name added to this list, please call the hotline at 909-387-3911

How to Apply

Complete the form below and upload an invoice or receipt along with before(if available) and after photos of the snow removal. Once submitted, the County will mail a reimbursement check for approved applications within 30-days.