Snow Removal Reimbursement Program

About the Program

Removal of snow and berms on private property are typically the responsibility of property owners. However, due to the unprecedented snowfall that occurred beginning February 22, 2023 and subsequent state and local emergency declarations, unincorporated San Bernardino County residents and business owners are eligible to receive up to $500 in reimbursement for snow removal costs. Eligible costs include removal of snow from private property, including driveways and walkways, and private roads. This one-time reimbursement is limited to one applicant per address/property or business.

Reimbursement claims must be submitted to the County no later than April 14, 2023.

Snow removal work that was performed prior to February 22, 2023 is not eligible for reimbursement. Additionally, this program is not available to vacant homes, unoccupied vacation rental properties, or unimproved parcels.

Snow Removal Vendors

A list of snow removal contractors is provided below for your convenience only.  This list is not all-inclusive and the County is not affiliated with nor does the County recommend any specific vendor.  You are not required to utilize one of the vendors listed below to receive reimbursement.

How to Apply

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the snow reimbursement program? And when did it end?
    • The Snow Removal Reimbursement Program provides unincorporated San Bernardino County mountain residents reimbursement of up to $500 for costs incurred to hire a third-party for snow removal services. The reimbursement may only be used once per residence or business. The County stopped accepting new reimbursement claims on April 14, 2023.
  2. What areas did my primary residence address have to be located in to qualify for this program?
    • The program applied to mountain small businesses and residences that were impacted by the February and March snow events in the following communities:
      • Angelus Oaks, Arrow Bear, Arrowbear Lake, Baldwin Lake, Big Bear City, Blue Jay, Cedar Glen, Cedarpines Park, Crestpark, Crestline, Fawnskin, Forest Falls, Green Valley Lake, Lake Arrowhead, Mt. Baldy, Oak Glen, Rim Forest, Running Springs, Skyforest, Sugarloaf, Twin Peaks, Wrightwood
  3. I did not apply and now that the program has ended, how do I apply?
    • The County is no longer accepting new reimbursement claims for this program because funding has been exhausted. If additional funding is made available, the County will provide a public announcement.
  4. Will the snow reimbursement applications re-open?
    • The County will provide a public announcement if additional funding is made available for this program.
  5. Did rental properties qualify?
    • Individuals residing in rental properties are eligible for reimbursement. However, property owners seeking reimbursement for snow removal at unoccupied short-term rental properties are ineligible.
  6. What were the primary qualifying factors on applications?
    • To qualify, applicants must submit an invoice or receipt from a third-party containing the cost of snow removal services along with a photo of the completed work. Additionally, the property must be located in one of the aforementioned communities that were impacted by the February and March 2023 snow events.
  7. Are denial letters being sent to those that applied but did not qualify?
    • County staff will contact applicants by email and/or phone if a claim is submitted without proper documentation. If an applicant is unable to provide the requested information, they will be notified that their claim cannot be processed at that time.
  8. I received only partial funds instead of the full amount, why?
    • Claim amounts will be honored to the extent the submitted invoice or receipt supports the requested reimbursement amount. For example, if an applicant requests a $500 reimbursement but submits receipts indicating only $300 was paid, the applicant will receive a $300 reimbursement payment.
  9. The address on my application was not correct, now that the program has ended, how do I correct the address?
    • When reimbursement payments are returned to the County as undeliverable, staff will contact the applicant by email to request an updated mailing address. If you believe your mailing address is incorrect, please email and provide your name, physical address, and corrected mailing address.
  10. I requested a paper application and never received a paper application. What are my options?
    • Please email and provide a brief explanation of the situation. County staff will contact you to discuss the matter in greater detail.
  11. I want to communicate further with someone about this program or my application. Who can I speak with?
    • The County is unable to honor claims without a confirmation email.
  12. I applied, but never received a confirmation email and it has been confirmed that my application was not received. What are my options?
    • Forward the confirmation email to (Must forward the actual confirmation email and not a screenshot) and attach the invoice and photo of the completed snow removal. In addition, provide the physical address of the snow removal, mailing address, and phone number in the forwarded email.
  13. I applied, received a confirmation email, but when I called to confirm my information was not on the confirmation list to receive the reimbursement
    • The most likely reason is because your claim could not be processed due to insufficient information. The County has contacted all applicants via email who submitted incomplete claims. Please check the email you provided on the application and reply with the requested information. If you can’t locate this email, please contact and provide your name and physical property address.
  14. I applied, received a confirmation email, but have not received a check and it’s been more than 30 days.
    • Unless you received an email indicating your claim is lacking sufficient documentation, your claim is being processed in the order in which it was received. The County is committed to providing your reimbursement payment in 30 days or fewer.